11th Step Meditation

11th Step Meditation "It is our hope to offer this site as a central resource to increase meditation in the recovery community. This is a tool for the recovery community: * New members to recovery, or just new to meditation in your recover ...

12 St Jewelry

12 St Jewelry A sober mom jewelry designer who has started designing and selling beautiful jewelry with a 12 step theme, to support herself and her 2 children. Gold, silver, chains, necklaces, key chains, charms, pendants and more.


12 Step Cafe

1668 N Nye Street, Toledo, Oregon, USA, 97391

12 Step Cafe The 12 Step Cafe is one of the oldest recovery support web sites on the internet. It is a full community website including a monitored, safe chat room. They support all forms of 12 step recovery.

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12 Step Contemplative Outreach

" Our mission statement says: We are 12 Step people who practice Centering Prayer as our 11th Step and pass it on to others in 12 Step programs. We offer introductions to Centering Prayer called Teaching Centering Prayer as an 11th Step Meditation Practi ...


12 Step Fellowship

12 Step Fellowship Daily Reflections and affirmations about A.A. as well as quotes from A.A. literature and links to other good resources.

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12 Step Planet

187 Empire Drive, Fortuna, CA, United States

12 Step Planet The largest custom made 12 Step Gifts online. You can customize them or ask us to create a unique gift for you. Each purchase helps keep our doors open.


12 Step Radio

12 Step Radio An internet radio station that plays recovery songs. It is free to use and has some great songs available for listening 24 hours of the day.


12 Step Recovery Music

12 Step Recovery Music Recovery Rock Music for those in recovery (including myself). This is electro-rock music that follows the 12 steps of addiction recovery through a music format similar to Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Hope its enjoyable and beneficial ...


12 Step Review

12 Step Review The 12 STEP REVIEW is a publication of the Western Dominican Province, a nonprofit organization of the Dominican Fathers and Brothers, and is edited by Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P. It is supported by donations and is published four times, covering the 12 steps ...


12 Step Sayings


12 Step Sayings A collection of commonly used sayings from 12 step programs.

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12 Step Treatment Centers

12 Step Treatment Centers The guide for residential / non residential 12 Step Alcohol Treatment / Drug Rehab Centers. Including Transitional Living / Sober Living Homes USA & Worldwide. Designed to easily search via multiple criteria for any form of 12 Step Alcohol Treatment cente ...

12 Step Work

12 Step Work Written by a very upbeat and candid sponsor in A.A., this website has areas about a spiritual backpack, step worksheets, good advice about working the program and some biographical information about the author.

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12 Steps 12 Stories

12 Steps 12 Stories This collection of stories is a tool for the entire family to understand the 12 Steps of recovery which includes: * Highly Relevant Educational material: provides new insight on an often challenging topic * Simplified examples of complex issues: allev ...

12 Steps Unlocked


12 Steps Unlocked "Unlock the true power of the Twelve Step program. This book offers men and women insight into the underlying workings of the Twelve Steps. Personal stories of men and women in recovery illustrate the effectiveness of the program. The mix of pain, inspira ...

12 Stitch


12 Stitch "12 Stitch is for recovering people, made by recovering people. It's apparel with a purpose. ...12 Stitch is owned, designed and produced by Rebuild Resources, Inc., a not-for-profit social enterprise with the mission of employing recovering addicts and a ...


12-Step Coercion Watch

12-Step Coercion Watch This yahoogroup is concerned with the problem of coercion into AA (and NA). They take the position that it is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution to force anyone to become involved with AA or other 12-step groups.

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12Step Family

705 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, 33139 is dedicated to covering news, websites, books, music and basically anything having to do with addiction and recovery.

12Step TV

12Step TV "12 Step TV’s purpose is to help you recognize negative habits and addictions, accept their reality, and take effective actions that lead to freedom. Also, to help you recognize and deal effectively with the addictions and habits of others. 12 Step ...


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