JACS Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others. "MISSION STATEMENT JACS is dedicated to: * Encouraging and assisting Jewish alcoholics, chemically dependent persons and their families, friends and associates to explore re ...


Jan Edward Williams, MS, JD, LCADC

1717 Ingleside Road, Forest Hill, MD, USA, 21050

Jan Edward Williams, MS, JD, LCADC Director and Owner AlcoholDrugSOS Services, LLC 443-610-3569 I have a Juris Doctor degree, a master of science degree in counseling, and am a State of Ma ...

E-mail's Self Help Recovery-from Alcoholism or Ad...

We have a self help page that has the steps ● traditions ● concepts of many 12-Step Programs that can be printed or downloaded and other information including a downloadable copy of the 1938 Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymou ...


JournalMeNow for 10th Step


JournalMeNow for 10th Step Commercial site that takes a Christian approach to working the 10th step through online journaling. The following is a quote from their website. Hi, my name is Kathy, My identity is in Jesus Christ And I have a whole list of bad Habits, and Character ...


JustLoveAudio - 12 Step Resources


JustLoveAudio - 12 Step Resources Free downloadable PDF files for working the steps in various aspects, articles from the Grapevine, etc.



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