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Sites that have all sorts of things related to recovery, often including things like links, articles, videos, forums and things to buy.
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12Step Family

705 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, 33139 is dedicated to covering news, websites, books, music and basically anything having to do with addiction and recovery. Comprehensive general information about the 12 step program along with articles about recent news events related to addiction, recovery and the 12 step program. Includes overview of each step, history, a directory of treatment centers for each state, vide ...

Addiction Recovery Basics

Addiction Recovery Basics Covers the basics of addiction and recovery with numerous features, including RSS feeds, articles, resources, the ability to share your story and some videos.

Addiction Search

Addiction Search Addiction assistance hotline as well as numerous other resources. These include articles, a forum and blog and multiple links.

Adult Children Of Alcoholics (Orange County)

1701 Baker St., Costa Mesa, CA, USA, 92626

Interactive site features video, audio, articles and links to meetings, chat rooms and message boards for Adult Children of Alcoholics and those that grew up in abusive and dysfunctional homes.


Christian Recovery Fellowship

Christian Recovery Fellowship All purpose site for Christian cyber-fellowship for those in recovery. It includes many articles and readings as well as 24 hour forums, links, a gift store and other tools.

Christian Recovery Support

Christian Recovery Support A safe site for Christians either in recovery or seeking recovery from alcohol and other addictions to receive help and support and to fellowship with each other. Family and friends welcomed.


Cyber Recovery Fellowship


Cyber Recovery Fellowship Contains a large forum for all sorts of questions and answers concerning recovery and overcoming addictive behaviors. Also there are numerous links to other sites that cover all sorts of recovery topics, from treatment centers to meetings to jokes and acr ...

Site focuses on addiction recovery. Owner recovered from 35 year heroin and alcohol addiction. Contains information, observations, cause and effect, principles, guides and how to articles. Included: audio, Video, Holistic resource and research directories ...


Free In Christ

Free In Christ Mission: To give encouragement and support to men who are addicted to pornography and other sexual problems; to bring them to the awareness that they cannot be free in their own power, but only through faith in Jesus Christ; to provide a safe environment ...'s Self Help Recovery-from Alcoholism or Ad...

We have a self help page that has the steps ● traditions ● concepts of many 12-Step Programs that can be printed or downloaded and other information including a downloadable copy of the 1938 Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymou ...


Just Love Audio

Just Love Audio Extensive list of free resources and store as well as information about life coaching, recording and duplicating services for CDs and audio as well as an opportunity to sign up for inspirational emails.

More Revealed Website

More Revealed Website Website critical of the Step groups from various perspectives. Includes a library with More Revealed, A.A. Horror Stories, A.A. Cult or Cure?, Saints Run Mad and more.



MyAddiction An Online Addiction and Recovery Resource. Includes news, articles, videos, blogs, links to support groups, self-tests for addiction, depression and anxiety and in depth information about different addiction types. Also has information about treatment cen ...

National Association of Christian Recovery

Meditations, blogs, educational resources lists, referrals, forums, news - all about recovery from a Christian perspective.

Portal on Alcohol Addiction

192 blvd street, 21/a avenue road, NY, NY, United States

This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse.


Project Know

Project Know Articles covering numerous types of addictions, including alcohol, illegal drugs, nicotine, prescription drugs, drug rehab, recovery, eating disorders, gambling, internet addiction, intervention and drug detox.

Recovery Emporium


Recovery Emporium A directory of links and information about recovery.

Recovery Life

Site with extensive materials dealing with A.A. and recovery. Contains articles, online bookstore, links, peoples explanations of working the steps, A.A. background and much more.

Recovery Universe


Recovery Universe A little known but very nice site dealing with recovery issues using primarily the 12 Step approach. It has chat rooms, audio files of talks and many other resources. It won the Recovery Website of the year in 2005 from Recovery Times, a well-deserved hon ...


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