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In the interest of fairness, we present links here from web sites that do not like the 12 step approach. Some of these are very critical of A.A. and/or the 12 steps.
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12-Step Coercion Watch

This yahoogroup is concerned with the problem of coercion into AA (and NA). We take the position that it is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution to force anyone to become involved with AA or other 12-step groups.


The granddaddy of anti-AA and anti-12-step yahoogroups.



A site that challenges the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

BlameDenial Videos

This Youtube video site has many short videos, many 12-step-critical, on a variety of topics.

Escaping From The Cult of AA

This yahoogroup starts from the premise that AA is a cult. The purpose is to support those who are working on deprogramming from AA, as well as other 12-step groups.

More Revealed Website

More Revealed Website Website critical of the Step groups from various perspectives. Includes a library with More Revealed, A.A. Horror Stories, A.A. Cult or Cure?, Saints Run Mad and more.


The Orange Papers


The Orange Papers Certainly one of the most extensive criticisms of the 12 step approach and most specifically of A.A.


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