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A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps

Author: Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. 

This review is for the 1989 version. There is also a newer 1994 version. This is by Patrick Carnes, who also wrote Out of the Shadows, a classic about sexual addiction. This book is billed as a "Guidebook" and that is what it is. It is full of worksheets or pages to be filled out for all the steps in a 12 step program for either an addict or a co-addict (someone who is enabling another addict's behavior). There are questions included for each step and spaces to write down the answers. As such, there are a lot of pages that are mostly blank for you to fill in. 

Pros: It is gentle and is fairly thorough. It has the familiarity that comes through working with a book.

Cons: When you have completed the pages, then there is no way to protect the contents short of locking it up if you feel unsafe about any of the entries. A version for a computer would allow you to store the results, password protect it, search more easily and extend the pages if needed.
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