12 Steps 12 Stories

This collection of stories is a tool for the entire family to understand the 12 Steps of recovery which includes:

* Highly Relevant Educational material: provides new insight on an often challenging topic
* Simplified examples of complex issues: alleviates confusion about recovery for children of all ages
* A variety of humanized characters: adds a gentle depth of meaning to each steps
* A follow up guide: promotes conversation with children and include them in the process
* Captivating artwork: offers a visual reference for your child’s imagination
* Spiritually based material: helps create more inner contentment, peace and comfort in your home.

After reading it you will be able to:
*introduce the 12 key components in a recovery based lifestyle
*communicate on a child’s level
*alleviate the confusion children often feel
*encourage children to talk openly
*share your most precious resource: time with children

-From their website
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