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The International Christian Recovery Coalition includes individual children of God and Christian organizations who strongly believe that the power of God is a foundational root of early A.A. recovery successes. They will seek to restore, recognize, and apply this foundational root in recovery efforts today. Coalition participants come from Canada, United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil.

Coalition objectives include: (1) Sharing experience, research, resources, and successful Christian recovery efforts. (2) Providing Christian recovery resources to prisons, the homeless, those at risk and abandoned; alcoholics and addicts; recovery and 12-Step fellowships; hospitals, treatment centers, rehabs, detoxes, therapists, churches, clergy, Christian recovery groups; and the medical, academic, and scientific communities. (3) Developing concise, informational literature; internet web sites, forums, and blogs; radio, audio, DVD, film, and TV outreach materials; and conferences, seminars, and panels. (4) Assisting each other in efforts of common interest (5) Establishing referral links joining: (a) those who want to study and utilize early A.A. principles and practices; (b) those who wish to find sponsors, counselors, and centers which offer such principles and practices; and (c) those who wish to communicate with like-minded participants. (6) Preparing brief introductions, literature, and resources suitable for the specific and varied needs of those participating in the Coalition; and (7) Fostering and facilitating access to libraries, archives, historical collections, and literature illustrating the role of God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible in successful recovery efforts throughout history.
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This is a rapidly growing, no cost, informal group of international participants who want to report the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in the founding of A.A. and should be playing today. Ongoing information can be found on the new 2010 blog:


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