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JournalMeNow for 10th Step

Commercial site that takes a Christian approach to working the 10th step through online journaling. The following is a quote from their website.

Hi, my name is Kathy,
My identity is in Jesus Christ
And I have a whole list of bad Habits, and Character Defects I am working on.

I started this site from my own desire to journal and daily take an inventory of my life, but I did not know where to start, and to be honest, if I can't do it from my computer then most likely I won't do it. As I started working with others I would ask what their main concerns were in regards to journaling, and I got a lot of answers:

  • What if someone finds my Journal and reads it.

  • I always forget to do it, and when I think about it, my journal is not handy.

  • I don't know how to start or what to say.

  • I'm not at that step yet in my recovery.

  • It's easier to get my thoughts out by just talking about them.

I tried to design this to answer a lot of those questions. You never need to worry about someone finding your journal or reading it. With a password protected journal, unless you give someone your password, they will not be able to access your entries. With the journal being web based you can input your daily inventory from anywhere with internet access.
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by, September 29, 2010
This seems to be a great place to do your daily 10th step. I know I won't do a daily inventory unless I can do it on my computer during breaks or when work is slow, this is a perfect tool for me, but I think it's classified wrong, it's for any 12 step program.


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