Working Sobriety

25 East Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60602
312 782 6466 is a web based Recovery Assistance Program whose purpose is to provide online support for those who seek recovery from addictions and compulsive behaviors. We are guided by the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Our chat rooms host a variety of mutual support group meetings as well as professionally led Recovery Assistance Groups. We believe that this Recovery Assistance Program may be of particular value to those whose access to face to face meetings may be limited by geography, age or number of support groups for the particular addiction or compulsive behavior. We also provide specific forms of support for recovering professionals, including doctors (PAP) and lawyers (LAP). In addition, we hope to serve those who may be reluctant to attend a face to face group for the time being, thus providing a bridge to recovery from cyberspace to the world outside.
More about...
The 12 Steps
The 12 Traditions
Recovery Assistance Programs
- Lawyers (LAP)
- Physicians (PAP) welcomes those who seek recovery from:
· online and Internet addiction
· cyber sex addiction
· alcoholism
· drug addiction
· nicotine addiction · money disorders
· eating disorders
· sexual addiction
· codependence
· work addiction


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