Resources about the abuse of food through overeating, anorexia, bulimia
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Academy for Eating Disorders

Academy for Eating Disorders "The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) is a global, multidisciplinary professional organization that provides cutting-edge professional training and education, inspires new developments in eating disorders research, prevention, and clinical treatments, a ...

Alpha Nutrition


Alpha Nutrition Eating disorders section of the Alpha Nutrition site. AlphaNutrition is a commercial company that sells books and nutrition packs for healthier eating. The eating disorders section has articles covering the different types of eating disorders, from bingin ...

Food Addicts in Recovery


Food Addicts in Recovery Official site for the World Service Office for Food Addicts in Recovery. "FA has proven to be an effective, long-term solution to food addiction for many food addicts, whether they be undereaters, bulimics, overeaters, or otherwise food-obsessed. ...


NEDA National Eating Disorders Association "Our organization is dedicated to providing education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders. Whether you are an individual living with an eating disorder, a family member or friend looking to of ...

Setting Captives Free


Setting Captives Free Takes a strong Christian approach to dealing with overcoming various addictive behaviors, from pornography and sexual addictions to food, gambling, nicotine/smoking, alcohol and substance abuse. Approach is based on taking a free online course over an ext ...


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