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Medical, counseling and other resources for how to create and maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating. Founded by a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist by the name of Monika Woolsey.

After the Diet™ grew out of numerous conversations Monika had with colleagues who desired to raise the standard of nutrition counseling and to discourage nutrition quackery, which can often instigate an eating disorder. After the Diet™ Network wanted to provide an alternative for those who recognized that diets do not raise self-esteem--but who could not find any other options for getting help.  After the Diet™ believes that while professionalism and accuracy are crucial when promoting health through nutrition, even more important is being human.  An endless supply of facts with no practical application may make someone's website look impressive...but if all those facts do is overwhelm, they do not provide help to those who need it.  Saying  "all it takes is willpower", insults the intelligence of the person who knows better and who needs an answer.  Testimonials are about the TALKER, not about the person needing help.

- From their web site
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