Recovery Rosary

One day I was thinking about rosaries and what a gift it is to those who pray with them. Rosaries not only give people a specific way to pray, but they also help you memorize those important prayers. I thought to myself -- why can't we have one for people in recovery? Thus the advent of a new creative idea, to help people pray during their journey of recovery.

The beads represent certain important prayers in Alcoholics Anonymous. These prayers were inspired by its founders and have been adapted by many 12 step programs today.

The prayers incorporated into the Recovery Rosary are represented by certain beads, including the serenity prayer, the 3rd step prayer, the 7th step prayer and the 11th step prayer. These are prayers that are in the Big Book and the Twelve by Twelve of Alcoholics Anonymous which serve as foundations to the growth and recovery in one's 12 step program.

The Recovery Rosary is based on a concept of a God of your understanding and can be individualized to your needs. There are certain beads or charms where you do a meditation of your choice. This can be specific to your program and spiritual life. An important part of being in recovery is praying for relief from your defects of character, praying for others and for gratitude, each represented by different beads.

Your Recovery Rosary will come with a detailed instruction guide outlining its use and prayers. You can chose to substitute words that are pertinent to your spiritual life. You will note that the rosary has a clasp where you can add a charm. This is where you can attach something symbolic of your spiritual life. I also have various charms for purchase.

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