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We believe that God Boxes can make positive contributions to a life centered around the 12 Steps. They have acted as a tangible vehicle that has helped new comers wrestling with the spiritual nature of the Third Step. The boxes have served us as a point of past and future reference in the ritual of daily reflection. Their presence has provided subtle visual cues for us to be more mindful of our conscious contact with God. God Boxes have also served as an attractive place to display and store the Chips collected over a lifetime in sobriety. For us they have been all of these things and more and we are grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.
We are proud to offer the full line of Agalia Designs® Handcrafted Wooden God Boxes. Agalia has redefined the God Box combining form, function and materials into what we consider to be the finest God Box available today.
The unique box design was created by Agalia specifically to be a God Box. Gone is the lack of anonymity resulting from having to label the box with the words “God Box” or “My God Box” in order to identify it’s purpose.
Complimenting the unique box design is Agalia's choice to construct their God Boxes from the wood of the symbolically appropriate Phoenix Tree. The Phoenix Tree, also known as the Paulownia Tree, is a green renewable resource which has unique properties including a direct association with the mythology of rebirth. The Phoenix is a mythological bird which dies in a fire that is fueled by it’s own being, the Bird is then born again from the ashes of it’s own consumption. Like it's namesake, the Phoenix Tree will regrow from it's own root stock after the calamity of fire or harvest. The properties of the Tree continue to parallel the lives of many of us in recovery because it’s wood is soft and brittle while immature, but after harvest and seasoning it becomes the strongest wood in the world as measured by weight to tensile strength. This unique transformational property has given rise to the saying that the Phoenix Tree has a tender heart and a strong character.
In addition to creating a unique and attractive box design that is constructed from symbolically relevant materials, Agalia has combined form and function by allowing their God Boxes to display all standard Recovery Chips. Because any standard Chip will fit, those who might be concerned about anonymity are able to choose from a wide variety of discrete but appropriate Chips that will permit their God Box to be a conversation piece without fear of prejudice. Similarly those without the need to protect their anonymity can display their God Box with their current Anniversary Chip. The Chips can easily be replaced and stored making an Agalia God Box a sobriety gift that will remain relevant for a lifetime. Imagine it 25 years from now, heavy with the chips of your years being Happy Joyous and Free!
However our products are used we believe that they will add to the goodness that surrounds us all, and for that we are again grateful.
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