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Free Help for Porn Addiction

I used to think that watching porn was a harmless and healthy activity.

My name is Alex and I am a recovering porn addict. I was raised in a regular home with two normal parents. Like many teenage boys I started watching pornography when I was around 10 years old. I was very isolated from other kids and for a large part of my life pornography was my only “true friend”. I didn’t know that porn could have a negative effect and viewed it as a healthy way to have fun and deal with my emotions.
In the Free Recovery Course You Will Discover…

  • A chemical process that takes place in your brain causing you to get addicted

  • The addictive cycle that your body goes through and how to break out of it

  • How the human brain works and why sometimes you lose control of your actions

  • Four simple exercises to strengthen your brain

  • How to create your sexual recovery plan

  • How to control your cravings

  • An important strategy to help you beat your addiction once and for all

  • How your beliefs are causing you to suffer

  • Seven beliefs that were keeping me trapped

  • One big lesson that I learned from my relapse and what you can do to avoid my mistakes

  • Two very important tools that can magnify your recovery

  • Four things that you can do to help you stay sober for the rest of your life

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