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Survivors of Incest Anonymous


Survivors of Incest Anonymous A resource to survivors of child sexual abuse that can be an aid in recovery. The only requirement for membership is that you are a victim of child sexual abuse, and you are not abusing any child. They define incest very broadly as a sexual experience by ...

Category:12 Step

eAA Group


eAA Group The e (as in electronic or virtual) group of Alcoholics Anonymous. They have chat rooms, links, and many other resources related to A.A.


Recovering Couples Anonymous


Recovering Couples Anonymous Ours is a fellowship of recovering couples. We are committed to restoring healthy communication and caring and, as we do this, we find greater joy and intimacy. Many of us participate in other 12-Step Fellowships. We share our experience, strength, an ...


Setting Captives Free


Setting Captives Free Takes a strong Christian approach to dealing with overcoming various addictive behaviors, from pornography and sexual addictions to food, gambling, nicotine/smoking, alcohol and substance abuse. Approach is based on taking a free online course over an ext ...


Recovery Web


Recovery Web Numerous resources covering numerous types of addictions and resources for recovery. These include the following different areas, among many others. - Bookstore - Chemic ...


★★★★★ Offering sex addiction and recovery resources from international sex addiction expert Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. He is author of a classic text on sex and pornography addiction called Out of the Shadows.

Category:Sex Addiction



SAMHSA Official website for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Extensive resources about government programs, grants and news as concerns substance abuse and mental ...

Category:US Federal

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings


Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings List of links that point to official AA service organization web sites for different locations. These local service organization web sites maintain the official list of meetings for a given area.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings


Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Official meeting search engine for Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

US Treatment Programs


US Treatment Programs Recovery Universe has put together an extensive list of treatment centers for the USA. It starts off with a map and you can click on any state. Then you can search by city in that state. It is very nicely put together.

A Hunger for Healing


A Hunger for Healing Author: J. Keith Miller Subtitled "The Twelve Steps as a Classical Model for Christian Spiritual Growth", Keith Miller goes through the classic 12 step program and describes how it can be used very effectively for Christian spiritual growth, ...

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous


Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous - the Big Book - is the classic book about the 12 Step program. It has served as a lifeline to millions worldwide. First published in 1939, Alcoholics Anonymous sets forth cornerstone concepts of recovery from alcoholism and tells the ...

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions


Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions A follow-up to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in many ways. It is a more methodical telling of how to work the 12 step program and what the twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and most 12 step groups thereafter are all about. Highly recommende ...

Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources


Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources Links to about 375 resources on the web that deal with sexual addiction and recovery. Some of the links are broken or outdated, but there is still a plethora of information dealing with sexual addiction.

Category:Sex Addiction

Recovery Emporium


Recovery Emporium A directory of links and information about recovery.

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