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12 Step Radio

12 Step Radio An internet radio station that plays recovery songs. It is free to use and has some great songs available for listening 24 hours of the day.

12 Step Recovery Music

12 Step Recovery Music Recovery Rock Music for those in recovery (including myself). This is electro-rock music that follows the 12 steps of addiction recovery through a music format similar to Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Hope its enjoyable and beneficial ...

12Steps and Winding Road

Weekly inspirational blogs based on the 12 Steps and an original music CD...12 Steps And A Winding Road...songs of hope and healing...

Healing Songs

Healing Songs Website related to a CD for songs "to all those out there who are dealing with problems in life that stem from being raised in a dysfunctional situation".


RADD "RADD, 'The Entertainment Industry's Voice for Road Safety' , is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that empowers celebrities and media partners to create positive attitudes about road safety. Founded in 1986, RADD advocates the use of ...

Road Recovery

Road Recovery ROAD RECOVERY is dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experience and knowledge. With ...

Santa Monica Sam

Santa Monica Sam The first verse of This Thing Called Addiction speaks to the nature of addiction. The second verse is about the repercussions/consequences of the disease. The third verse addresses hope and inspiration. The lyrics in this song take the listener on a ...

Serenity Music

Serenity Music Music and More for the Healing Arts Includes 12 Step Meditations and other music and products that are geared towards healing and serenity. Covers many traditions and approaches.

Sober Musicians


Sober Musicians Site for musicians with numerous forums (based on vBulletin) as well as other features like the Big Book, Basic Text, News Stand and Links.

Sunlight Of The Spirit Music

Sunlight Of The Spirit Music Advertised as the only music store on the planet offering music solely from artists in recovery. They also sponsor the Sober Cafe weekly podcast.


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