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Find supporters and community you can relate to, share stories, thoughts and feelings, reach life-changing goals- large and tiny, one minute or one year at a time- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. is a Charlottesville, VA based not-for-profit to help those in recovery (and the families of those affected by addiction) learn to live with the challenges presented by every day life and continue on a fulfilling road of recovery. realizes that for those trying to stay clean and sober, the often inadequate treatment "after-care"; the daily struggle of living in trigger-filled environments; the lack of connections to individuals with the same cultural or experiential backgrounds; and the fear, shame and/or inability to reach supporters when feeling most hopeless often makes the recovery process daunting and the notion of staying in recovery unattainable."

By offering a community of trust and understanding; 24 hour access; inspiring stories from people of diverse cultures and backgrounds; the knowledge of many experts in the addiction treatment field; and the tools to resist relapse, all in a secure, non-threatening environment, offers a revolutionary way to communicate, interact, learn, and live.

We are honored to work with such a vibrant, creative, and loving group of people who are completely committed to helping one another through difficult times. it is our honest goal to be a new platform for "people helping people" ... to let time honored traditions of community live on on a huge stage where everyone is welcome and everyone can find help.

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