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"Recovery Social Network is a social network for people in recovery from addiction of drugs and alcohol, as well as compulsive gamblers, people with eating disorders, and self harm addiction. Members can start their own profile, add pictures and even start their own blog. This is a place where people can connect and chat with people who don't judge because they have been through the same situations. Unlike Facebook and other social networks, members can add a custom layout to their profile! If you are not a member of RSN, then you can't browse the blogs or connect with other members because it's a private network. So make sure you join; it only takes a minute. What's a few minutes for the rest of your life? The point is to help you stay clean and for you to help other people stay clean. It feels really good to be able to talk to other people about anything and to be able to connect with other people in recovery just like you that truly want to help! If you're reading this and you're not a member yet, then join. It only takes a minute."

- From their website
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