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12 Step Cafe

1668 N Nye Street, Toledo, Oregon, USA, 97391

12 Step Cafe The 12 Step Cafe is one of the oldest recovery support web sites on the internet. It is a full community website including a monitored, safe chat room. They support all forms of 12 step recovery.

E-mail Your AA online chat (24/7) and online AA meeting destination (nightly 10pm EST/GMT -4) - 'Hope is spoken here.'


eAA Group


eAA Group The e (as in electronic or virtual) group of Alcoholics Anonymous. They have chat rooms, links, and many other resources related to A.A.

MA Online

MA Online Marijuana Anonymous meetings are held in a chatroom and are available at least twice each day, seven days a week. There are no dues or fees for participation.


NA Chat


NA Chat Online community for the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. We offer a safe, friendly chat room with online NA meetings and support.


" is a community of addicts, working together to share our experience, strength, and hope to stay clean, Just for Today. Our chat room is open 24/7. If there isn't anyone chatting at the moment, someone will be by shortly. Our members come ...

Online Intergroup of A.A.


Online Intergroup of A.A. Online meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). The Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous® was formed to serve all online AA® Groups in the rapidly growing online Fellowship. OIAA is composed of elected representatives of those online AA grou ...

Overcomers Outreach Online Meeting

Overcomers Outreach Online Meeting A web mail based forum for study and discussion of topics, 12 steps, and scriptures that apply. Also general sharing and stories

Recovery Street

153 Penn Lane, Rochester, NY, USA, 14625

Recovery Street Recovery Street Specializes in Online Sober Chat Rooms, Online AA Meetings, and Recovery Forums for individuals suffering from Alcoholism or Drug Addiction. Recovery Street is a 2D Avatar based Meeting Room where users get to create their own Avatar (pers ...


★★★★ Web site focused primarily on chat rooms and online meetings. There are meetings scheduled every day and usually someone is in a chat room most hours of the day. Registration is required to participate, but registration is free. Meeting times are also inc ...

Sober Village Forums

Sober Village Forums Forums from the Sober Sources Network. Includes areas like the Village Square, Main Entrance, the Lodge, the Family Center and the Spiritual Connection. Includes text chat as well.

★★★½ A site dedicated primarily to on-going online meetings. The site has 8 different chat rooms, 5 of which have meeting schedules and 3 of which are always open for open chat sessions. Chat meetings deal with addictions for alcohol, drugs, al-anon/codependen ...


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