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" Our mission statement says: We are 12 Step people who practice Centering Prayer as our 11th Step and pass it on to others in 12 Step programs. We offer introductions to Centering Prayer called Teaching Centering Prayer as an 11th Step Meditation Practice, in a one day format or in a weekend retreat format. While these retreats/workshops are open to anyone their purpose is to teach the prayer in 12 Step language and to follow the Traditions of 12 Step programs. We have also started offering regular Intensive and Post-Intensive retreats that offer special 12 Step support. These retreats are open to all but they provide special support to those in 12 Step recovery because optional 12 Step meetings are part of the retreat and one or more of those serving the retreat is in 12 Step recovery."

"Origin of Centering Prayer and Contemplative Outreach, Ltd."

"In the early 1970s, Trappist monk and priest Thomas Keating and two other Trappists, Fr. William Meninger and the late Fr. Basil Pennington, worked to bring people living outside monasteries a form of silent prayer now known as Centering Prayer. With roots in the fourteenth century book, The Cloud of Unknowing, this kind of prayer allows people to sit silently and become receptive to God’s gift of contemplation."

"In 1984, interested in making Centering Prayer available to more people, Fr. Thomas founded Contemplative Outreach. Today, the Contemplative Outreach network has hundreds of chapters and reaches people worldwide through numerous books and videos of Fr. Thomas’ teaching on Centering Prayer and its conceptual background."

-From their website


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