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Recovering Couples Anonymous

Ours is a fellowship of recovering couples. We are committed to restoring healthy communication and caring and, as we do this, we find greater joy and intimacy.

Many of us participate in other 12-Step Fellowships. We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problems and help other recovering couples restore their relationships. The only requirement for RCA membership is a desire to remain in a committed relationship.

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Individual recovery is challenging enough, and rare enough. When a couple is made up of two partners who are both willing to be honest and own their respective parts of dysfunction/dis-ease of the relationship, miracles can, and do, happen.

Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) has saved our "coupleship", and countless others. The dis-ease of our coupleship is progressive like any other addiction, and without help it is too great for us. Working the steps together as a couple, identifying the nature of our powerlessness over our relationship, coming to believe in a Power greater than ourselves and that we have a "coupleship Higher Power, then as a couple being willing to turn our wills, our lives and our coupleship over to our Couple Higher Power, opened the door to an entirely different relationship together.

Any couple willing with a desire to remain in a committed relationship can experience a Spiritual Awakening as a couple. We are not the same couple today we were when we began working the steps together 12 years ago. There has been a change in the way think, a change in the way feel, and a change in the way we behave, and this change was done to us, not by us, through the Grace of the RCA program and our Couple Higher Power.

It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth the effort.


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