My Name is Bill W.

Starring: James Woods as Bill W., James Garner as Dr. Bob,  JoBeth Williams as Lois Wilson

This was a Hallmark made for TV movie about Bill Wilson and Dr.Bob Smith. They founded the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship in the 1930s. The movie follows the life prinarily of Bill Wilson and his life from just after WW I up to the 1950s. Bill died in 1971. The movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes long, so of necessity these are only the highlights of the story. But it is well told for that time frame and is an excellent introduction to how it all came about. Most people who have had addictive behaviors should be able to identify with the scenes of being out of control, whether or not their addiction is alcohol. The acting by James Woods is very credible, for which he apparently won an Emmy. The scene at the end might be the most difficult to document that it happened as it did, but probably sums up what the movement is about as well as anything - humility over ego, compassion over pride.

Watching the extra on the DVD about how the movie was made shows how seriously everyone took the making of this movie and how much they admired the A.A. movement. This is highly recommended for anyone who wants an easy visual presentation to how it all started. For a more in depth understanding, of course you can read the A.A. Big Book or browse through the A.A. web site. 
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