Dependency Solutions

"Dependency Solutions exists to aid the individual and family who are needing alcohol rehab and drug rehab located in Oregon. For those that have been suffering from substance abuse dependency and guiding them through healing the mind, body and spirit to make the lifestyle changes necessary to gain control of their lives. Allow us to become part of your family and ours. Our addiction rehab is a unique social model treatment environment that offers compatible gender-specific home environments in which clients' exercise and reinforce their newly learned skills. This reinforces the recovery experience in becoming integrated from a thought to a belief. Our residential-housing and day-treatment program is as comprehensive and is an alternative to expensive inpatient treatment. Incorporated into our treatment model is Holistic Addictions treatment which offers, care from our Naturopath Doctors Jessica Black ND and Jason Black ND in providing individualized medical treatment pertaining to the client's recovery from addiction. This gives clients not only the best practices of treatment, but also gives the client and family a significant reduction in cost for their treatment."

-From their website
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