Alta Mira Recovery

125 Bulkley Ave., Sausalito, California, United States, 94965

"Alta Mira is adeptly blending long-proven plans and therapies with the latest developments in the addiction treatment field. Our treatment philosophy centers on “brain healthy” care, as advocated by The American Society of Addiction Medicine. This compr ...

Telephone(415) 332-1350

Amazing Recovery Journal

A journal for people in 12-step recovery programs. Filled with thought provoking quotes, questions and plenty of space to write, this is not your average journal. A grateful member of Alcoholics Anonymous designed this tool for people at any stage of thei ...


American Council on Alcoholism

American Council on Alcoholism Web site for the American Council on Alcoholism, covering many aspects of alcoholism, including articles, tests and resources about alcoholism and a database of meeting locations and an 800 help hotline for alcoholism. "ACA is dedicated to educating t ...


AMOT Tapes

AMOT Tapes AA Speaker Tapes are their specialty. AMOT Tapes is a commercial full service recording and high speed audio cassette and CD duplicating company dedicated to 12-step recovery programs and a complete selection of AA Speaker Tapes.


ANAD National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Information about support groups, therapists, clinics and other support in dealing appropriately with Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

Anonymous Press

Anonymous Press The Anonymous Press web site focuses on resources based on the A.A. Big Book. They have an online bookstore and online books and software for screen savers based on quotes from the Big Book, among other materials.




AnonymousOne A site for all sorts of recovery resources, including an extensive meeting list for various recovery programs. Their meeting search engine is extensive and covers many types of programs, but the official 12 step sites are probably a little more up to date ...

Anxiety Tribe

Anxiety Tribe One of many "Tribe" social networking sites. This one focuses on those dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety Zone

Forum based website that deals with different aspects and types of anxiety.

Apostol Apostolopoulos

Apostol Apostolopoulos This blog chronicles my journey from Atheist to Christ follower, and from Christ follower to Free Thinker. I have walked on fire, wept with the saints, but no human being could save me from myself...or the meteors. Thank you for reading, Apostol

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Awakened Recoveries

Gregg D., a recovered alcoholic, is a writer, poet, and university instructor, as well as a gifted speaker on the spiritual nature of Twelve Step recovery from alcoholism and addictions. Gregg founded Awakened Recoveries to utilize the new capabilities ...

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Axis Residential Treatment

3215 Cheviot Vista Pl., Los Angeles, California, United States, 90034

"Axis treatment and recovery centers provide a unique tailor made treatment model for each individual client; there are no cookie cutter, one size fits all treatment here. In fact, from the beginning more than 11 years ago today, when we first opened the ...

Telephone(310) 202-7812


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