Sober Vacations International

Sober Vacations International Agency that plans fun and interesting vacations that do not involve drinking or drugs.


Sober Village Forums

Sober Village Forums Forums from the Sober Sources Network. Includes areas like the Village Square, Main Entrance, the Lodge, the Family Center and the Spiritual Connection. Includes text chat as well.

Category:Forums Blogs A directory of sites that deal with treatments for addictions. All addictions are covered. Listings are for professional therapists, treatment centers, halfway houses and other similar organizations and locations.


SoberChick Blog with videos, pictures, text with much of the material about A.A. and sobriety.

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SoberMoms A Recovery Forum for Women in all Twelve Step Recovery Groups

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927 Vista Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90046

SoberNexus is a free directory for those seeking substance abuse treatment or sober housing. All facilities and services are pre-screened to assure they provide quality care and services




SoberSources Blog about addiction, recovery and associated issues on Blogspot

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Sobriety and Prosperity

8841 West River Rd, Brooklyn Park, MN, US, 55444

Sobriety and Prosperity is a blog about my journey through recovery. I offer advice on what worked for me to quit drinking. I also get into the need to replace your drinking time with something constructive. I talk about starting a business from home and ...


★★★★★ Videos dealing with recovery and sobriety. These include videos of people in recovery, educational videos of the effects of addiction, addiction and the legal system and many other areas. They are broken down into several areas. Stories 12 Steps Docu ...


★★★★ We are a new social network created exclusively for people interested in living sober. We offer everything from user forums to help with your 12step program. Site is geared towards members of AA but anyone is encouraged to join.


Social Phobics Anonymous

Social Phobics Anonymous Has 12-Step Support groups that gently help people to overcome social anxiety disorder, social phobia, shyness problems, avoidant personality disorder, social agoraphobia and paruresis. They have both free phone conference calls and face to face meetings ...

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SOS SOS stands for Secular Organizations for Sobriety or, alternatively, "Save Our Selves". It was started by a former A.A. member in the 1980s who sought a less religious approach to gaining sobriety. It is based on the "Sobriety Priority" principle which pu ...


Spenders Anonymous


Spenders Anonymous Spenders Anonymous is a 12-Step program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, however there is no organizational affiliation between Spenders Anonymous and A.A.Their purpose is to get the word out to compulsive spenders who are still suffering. ...


Spiritual River

14000 S. Military Trail, Suite 201, Delray Beach, Florida, USA, 33484

Spiritual River is a resource for addiction help and alcoholism treatment. Operated by former addict Patrick Meninga, Spiritual River has helped thousands recover from their addiction problem. Visit us at


St. Francis Mission among Lakota

St. Francis Mission among Lakota This is a ministry of the of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) among the 20,000 Lakota (Sioux) people on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in south-central South Dakota. It is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1886. They hold AA and Al-Anon meetings ...

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Stanice Anderson's 12 Step Links


Stanice Anderson's 12 Step Links A group of links covering various aspects of the 12 step program as compiled by the motivational and inspirational speaker Stanice Anderson.

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Step Study - 12-Step history and practice

Step Study - 12-Step history and practice Wealth of information about 12 step programs and associated literature, including some original manuscripts from Bill W. and the Big Book. Includes some unpublished NA worksheets and other interesting documents.

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★★★½ A site dedicated primarily to on-going online meetings. The site has 8 different chat rooms, 5 of which have meeting schedules and 3 of which are always open for open chat sessions. Chat meetings deal with addictions for alcohol, drugs, al-anon/codependen ...

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Stepping Stone Ministry

Stepping Stone Ministry A ministry from Trinity Reformed Church in Rotterdam, New York. They have AA meetings, Al-Anon Meetings and a Men's Prayer & Medication Group. Hours are published on their website.

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Sunlight Of The Spirit Music

Sunlight Of The Spirit Music Advertised as the only music store on the planet offering music solely from artists in recovery. They also sponsor the Sober Cafe weekly podcast.



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