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Alcohol (20)

Resources about alcoholism and the abuse of alcohol

Drugs (10)

Resources about the abuse of drugs and pharmaceuticals

Food (12)

Resources about the abuse of food through overeating, anorexia, bulimia

Money (3)

Resources about the abuse of money through overspending or gambling

Other (9)

Addictive behavior not covered in one of the other categories

Overcoming Self-Injury (7)

Resources about overcoming self-injury to our body

Relationships (6)

Resources about abusive and codependent relationships

Sex Addiction (35)

Links categorized into three levels of sex addiction, per experts in this subject

Websites about Addiction in General

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Addiction Info

The site features videos, online support groups, blogs and a directory of treatment centers and addiction help.

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All Addictions Anonymous

A group that is set up for all addictions, with the belief that any addiction may be a symptom of a common spiritual problem that is shared by all. There are various face-to-face meetings across the world based on the AAA approach.

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All Addicts Anonymous

All Addicts Anonymous is a program of recovery for all addicts and all addictions, with the home group at the East Ridge Recovrey Center in Hankins, New York, USA. Their website has articles and stories of recovery but there are no listings of meetings.

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Sober Recovery

Areas for Addiction Info, Recovery Support, Treatment Facilities and Forums. Each area is fairly extensive since this website has been around for quite a while.

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The Sponsor's Aide

The Sponsors Aide is for people in 12-step recovery that have questions about sponsoring of any sort. There are answers to questions, poems, prayers, stories, step work, spiritual references and printable worksheets. The Sponsors Aide includes several different "How To's" and "Homework" Assignments that can be used in the program.