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Addiction Info

"AddictionInfo brings together the most current and progressive thinking in the field of drug, alcohol and other behavioral addictions. Current research and clinical trials continue to uncover new and effective, research-based, non-12-step treatment optio ...

Addiction Recovery Basics

Covers the basics of addiction and recovery with numerous features, including RSS feeds, articles, resources, the ability to share your story and some videos.

All Addictions Anonymous

"WE of All Addictions Anonymous, through our own experience, have found that drunk-a-logs, telling war stories, discussing our personal problems or issues, celebrating medallions or sobriety birthdays, interpreting slogans or reading poetry WILL NOT keep ...

All Addicts Anonymous

PO Box 500, , , , 12741

In order to succeed in the All Addicts Anonymous way of life — in order to get sober and stay sober, or get clean and stay clean — do the following: Go to meetings — learn the Four Absolutes, the Twelve Steps, and the Ten Points — practice these princ ...

Telephone(888)-4 AAA GROUP
Cyber Recovery Fellowship

Contains a large forum for all sorts of questions and answers concerning recovery and overcoming addictive behaviors. Also there are numerous links to other sites that cover all sorts of recovery topics, from treatment centers to meetings to jokes and acr ...

P.O. Box 1846, , , , 21014 offers DVDs, CDs, and books by Father Joseph C. Martin. His Chalk Talk film series is widely used by addiction professionals and his timeless message of hope and recovery has touched the lives of millions of individuals and families affe ...


Videos dealing with recovery and sobriety. These include videos of people in recovery, educational videos of the effects of addiction, addiction and the legal system and many other areas. They are broken down into several areas. Stories 12 Steps Docu ...

Your Daily Fix

Our primary purpose is to help others who are suffering from addictions, hurts and other destructive issues by carrying the message of HOPE to them.