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FAQs for the 12 Step Program and 12Step.org

Where can I find a meeting in my area?

We have links to meeting registries for either a face-to-face meeting or an online meeting.

How do I get started with a 12 Step program?

See our Newcomer's Guide for working the 12 steps.

Where are the 12 Step worksheets?

The 12 Step worksheets can be found with other tools for recovery in the Tools area under the Worksheets section.

How do I know if I need a 12 step program?

First of all, it is good to be as honest as you can with yourself. Then read some comments or listen to some audio about step 1 from different sources to see if you can identify with any of these comments.

What 12 step program is right for me?

12 Step programs have been created for a very wide gamut of addictive and dysfunctional behaviors. To determine which one is right for you, you can try an honest self-assessment, or just begin going to some meetings to see which one seems to fit. However, accessibility of face-to-face meetings may be limited for some types of addiction in many areas. So sometimes you have a choice between going to a face-to-face meeting where the addiction may not match yours exactly, or going online to see if you can find a better match for your type and level of addiction and use online materials and online meetings, or a combination of both.

For face-to-face meetings, there are several websites with meeting registries. There are also websites for online meetings and you can use our directory of recovery websites for more materials. The Recovery Groups directory area may be useful, especially those sites set up for Social Networking for Recovery.