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TOPIC: Working the Higher Power in the Program

Working the Higher Power in the Program 2 years 5 months ago #32

  • zym
  • zym's Avatar
I am new to this site and have reach out to a few of the people on the site. I would like to give back what was so freely given to me, and of course hope to receive much from the over whelming numbers of persons here,
we have a grand collective and I thing our experiences will help many so I would like to start with the Higher Power issue that so many have struggled with.

There is some thing out there, I think many of us can agree we would most likely be dead if it weren't for some strange unexplainable thing that seem to keep happening to use just in the nick of time.

I can look back on my life and see many times things that just came out of left field that did not fit any logical explanation.

Some times we just ignore it, and other times we try and laugh it off, not ever finding a way to put it together in our minds.

But here we are still alive and dealing with it. What ever it is.

I never knew Unconditional; Love before I came in to the program and all the persons that reached out to me were the first to show me that is was possible.

through them I began to see how God worked in peoples lives, and I wanted to be that way too..

and as I did a transformation in my thinking began to happen.

A clarity and sometime an epiphany, would bring me into an awareness that God was working in my life, and I was beginning to experience the saying:

that if I put 100% in to my one step towards God , than God would make up the other steps to reach him.

Lets start here and see where this goes.
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Working the Higher Power in the Program 2 years 5 months ago #33

  • biscuitous
  • biscuitous's Avatar
I had already found God by the time I started working the steps. However, as you mentioned, I can recall many times in my life when it seemed like someone/something reached out and changed the course. I of course thought it was coincidence. But when the coincidences got to a point that I could no longer just blow them off as coincidence - I finally surrendered. Isn't that what it's all about? Now that I have reclaimed my faith after more than 30 years of running in the other direction, I can see that God was working in my life. He was so faithful even when I was not.
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Working the Higher Power in the Program 2 years 5 months ago #34

  • biggybiggs74
  • biggybiggs74's Avatar
i was in no way shape or form to keen on the idea of God . i spent a good portion of my life hating and blaming him for things that happened.(usually things that were my own fault)

i remember my first meeting i heard people talking about God. and i just smiled didn't say a word and walked off. i wasn't ready for that yet. but i started talking to people about it and alot of the response was that at that at that point in my recovery all i had to do is be willing to beleive in a power greater than myself. just willing.

that at that point i could do.

prior to my doing my forth step i was on the verge of another relapse.i talked to my sponcer told him what my plans were and he asked if i would pray with him. and i did, i prayed this time like my life depended on it, but there was only 3 words going through my head "please help me".i beleive that was the first time i honestly took the 3rd step . during my 4th and 5th step alot was revealed to me in that area. alot of what i pushed onto Gods shoulders was anger towards me and fear alot of fear. that i couldn't be loved not even by God.

it was at this point my mind and more importantly my heart was open to a new relationship with God.i was entirely ready to have him take from me those things that had me bound to self. again i got on my knees with my sponcer and came to him with trust and fath that i could start to live once again with his help that he could remove those things from me.

i know that it was only with his strength that i started to outgrow fear, anger, lust. that i'm able to make the ammends that i make today without self-centered or self-seeking motives. and that without him i could never be of service to others. i owe God so much and he is still giving me blessings.

now do i beleive you have to beleive in God to stay sober. this program works in over 150 countries not all beleive in God. and at first i didn't want to either. but i do beleive that some faith in a power greater than you is not only nessesary its vital. this is my story not everyone is gonna have the same concept of a higher power. mine is ever changing the more our relationship grows. but for alot of us it started with simple willingness

"most emphatically we wish to say that any alcoholic ( or addict )capable of honestly facing his problems in the light of our experience can recover, provided he does not close his mind to all spiritual concepts. he can only be defeated by an attitude of intollerance or beligerant denial.

we find that no one need have difficultywith the spirituality of the program. Willingness , honesty and open-mindednessare the essentials of recovery. but these are indespensible."

"There is a principle that is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation."
Herbert Spencer

Spiritual Experience
Big Book pg.568
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Working the Higher Power in the Program 2 years 5 months ago #35

  • zym
  • zym's Avatar
Thanks guys this is a good start.

I have seen so many that come in the program and leave before they have a chance to experience this part of it,

It is not about being brain washed or giving up you. It is about becoming the you, that you, that you have been protecting all these years and not feeling it was safe out side in the world to show.

Once I began to let my real self out, and connect with that which I was alway connected to , just not willing to notice it.

My life transformed in to a Happening that has yet to stop.

I love my life now and see me and every one in it as one big family struggling to make sence out to things that just are to big some time to make sence out

and that is OK.
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Working the Higher Power in the Program 2 years 5 months ago #36

  • deniss
  • deniss's Avatar
When I made up my mind to do step 3 - it was "as I don't understand Him". There is no way I could even begin to comprehend a being of that magnitude. So - I put the blinders on, and gave myself to Him on faith alone. This is one thing I do not need to understand, I know He exists by His acts in my life. I need no proof or understanding. This works for many of us, whether it be Allah, God, Jesus or other percieved manifestation of this Almighty being. I know of several in recovery with many years behind them - and I truly feel for them. They are not enjoying the quality of spiritual life they could (and it shows). I can't change them, but I can wish them well.
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Working the Higher Power in the Program 2 years 5 months ago #37

  • zym
  • zym's Avatar
Marry X-mass to every one, I agree that there are those out there that just aren't ready to let go of there control ( In there minds) over every thing, But lets face it we did not come in to this program willing and able as well, and it takes some longer, and some times it take just the wright words in the order at the wright time to click some thing in them to finally look where they had not looked before.

And I love seeing those moments in people. wow does it not just send chills up your spine when some one gets it after resisting for so long.

I know for me it was a real kick in the pants that woke me up, and I was a hrad case.

Yet I can't deny that when it happened i began to experience mind body and soul changes that did not fit any rational, logical frame work i had at the time, and that is how it is....

Coming in here we have some really screwed up ideas about life, right down to our concepts of right and wrong, and for me every thing had to change and it did, some with a fight a little kicking and a soft

So i have faith and I continue to share in meeting and life the little miracles in my life so that another may relate and open up just enough to ask ...( what did you mean by that) and the door is open . all is left is the walking.. :)

Blessing to all and Stay True To The Journey
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