bySteelz, July 30, 2011
Bluidkiti's Website
This gal is a tireless worker in the recovery arena. She makes forums, blogs, and other informative information available in a variety of ways. She has certainly supported my work in the realms of A.A. History and Christian Recovery.
Dick B.
Cyber Recovery Fellowship
Time and time again, we have posted AA History on this fellowship site. The site is user friendly, immediately response, geared to our work with a plug in for AA with Dick B., and quickly picked up on the search engines when good material is posted. We look forward to continuing the relationship with this fine site.
God Bless, Dick B.
bySteelz, February 18, 2010
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Tested this site today; posted a blog from mauihistorian; found a ready response and effective result.
bySteelz, February 17, 2010
Dick B.'s Personal A.A. History Blog Site
Beginning with 2010, we are now posting ongoing articles about the Real "Power" Behind A.A. The URL is

And these items will provide excellent supplementation ofthe Dick B. Personal A.A. History Blog Site which contains lots of audios.
bySteelz, February 17, 2010
Sober Recovery Forums
For many years, this actual site referred visitors to our main website But, either through inexperience and lack of skill, I have not been able to participate in its forum. So I hope this will direct viewers of this excellent site to our new blog which contains ongoing articles and comments on A.A. history and its Original program and roots. See
bySteelz, February 17, 2010
Carrying articles by many authors including Dick B. on A.A.'s Eleventh Step concept. And see the new 2010 blog:
This is a rapidly growing, no cost, informal group of international participants who want to report the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in the founding of A.A. and should be playing today. Ongoing information can be found on the new 2010 blog:
bySteelz, February 17, 2010
A.A. History
The management of this site is currently dormant. But the site contains a strong array of articles on AA History. The theme and articles, commencing 2010, are now being moved forward at the following new blog:
bySteelz, February 17, 2010
Dick B's History of A.A. and Bible Roots
The many books, articles, audios, links, archives, and resources on the History of AA and its Bible roots can be found on this site. In addition, commencing with 2010, Dick B. has a new blog to which articles will regularly be posted and which addresses the question: What is the real "Power" behind Alcoholics Anonymous. The One with all power is God. And the articles explain why:


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