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Download for Mac OSX

Download Version 2.0 Alpha3 for Mac OSX
(File size is approximately 53 MB)

Jan. 2011 - Released the Alpha 3 version. Please read the ReadMe.txt file for how to install this. This requires an extra step (for the database) compared to most Mac installations. This is Alpha3 for the following reasons.

  • The database is not encrypted
  • You should read and follow the instructions for installation and uninstallation in the ReadMe.txt file
  • The software crashes from time to time and Awake Software are currently in the process of developing a more robust version of Recovery Journal (v2.0). Currently this has been released for the Windows platform, but is still in development for the Mac OS X platform. We expect to have a Mac OS X version available before the end of February 2015.

If you want to receive a notice when the next software version is available, please sign up by filling in your email address in the About this Site section at the bottom of the page. Before the final release of the journal software, we will have a dedicated website set up for feedback and support. Until then, please use the Contact Form for any questions or feedback.

For journaling software on Windows, then please visit the web site