Download for Windows XP

Download Version 0.80
(File size is approximately 5 MB)

In 2007, developed password protected and encrypted journaling software for Windows XP that was designed to make it easier to work the 12 step program. It was called the Recovery Journal. It is still the only journal software that we provide that runs well on Windows XP. This software is free for all to use and distribute as long as it remains free of charge (except for reasonable distribution charges).

We do offer alternative versions for 12 step journal software on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OSX.

A brief description is provided below of the capabilities of the Windows XP version of the Recovery Journal software.

Two Components
With the Recovery Journal software, there are two components for the Windows desktop.

Journal Explorer - Browse your journals by date or by topics or searches that you define
Journal Editor - Record answers to 12 step questions or just keep a daily journal using a Rich Text Format (RTF) editor.

Browse Daily and Step Journals
With the Journal Explorer, you can...

  • Review the 12 Steps
  • Browse your journals by date or by topic
  • Add, delete or modify topics so that they match your life more closely
  • Create and save journal searches
Screenshot: Journal Explorer with Steps
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Review the 12 Steps
Screenshot: Journal Explorer by Topic
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Browse by Topic
Screenshot: Journal Explorer by Saved Searches
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Browse by Saved Searches
Screenshot: Journal Explorer
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Browse Daily or 12 Step Journals by Date

Journal Editor for Diary or Answering 12 Step Questions
Screenshot: Journal Editor
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Edit your 12 step or daily journal
With the Journal Editor, you can...

  • Associate topics to any journal entry
  • Insert 12 Step questions or other questions of your making
  • Edit your journal using Rich Text Formatting, similar to that found in Windows WordPad.

Download 0.80 Version of RJ for XP
You may also need one or more of the following DLLs. If so, then you can download them from the link below and copy them to the folder where the RJ.exe executable is located. (By default C:\Program Files (x86)\\RecoveryJournal0.8\ if you have a 64 bit computer or C:\Program Files\\RecoveryJournal0.8\ if you have a 32 bit computer)
Download msvcp71.dll
Download msvcr71.dll