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Online Meetings

Our calendar of online meetings is categorized into the following meeting types.

Note that meeting times are shown in US Central Standard Time

To translate between US Central Standard Time and your time zone, please use the World Clock. Central US Standard Time is the time zone of Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kingston, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Winnipeg.

Our calendar of online meetings has been compiled from the following websites.

In order to take part in a meeting, you need to register at the given web site where the online meeting is being held.

There are also some more websites that we have not yet cataloged into our online calendar. These additional sites also have online meetings. You can click the link to find more specific information on the given site.

24/7 General Chat

Chat rooms that are always available include the following...

Although they are not scheduled by time, another good source of online meetings is to utilize the chat rooms in some of the social networking sites for recovery.