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Stanice Anderson's 12 Step Links A group of links covering various aspects of the 12 step program as compiled by the motivational and inspirational speaker Stanice Anderson.

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Step Study - 12-Step history and practice

Step Study - 12-Step history and practice Wealth of information about 12 step programs and associated literature, including some original manuscripts from Bill W. and the Big Book. Includes some unpublished NA worksheets and other interesting documents.

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★★★½ A site dedicated primarily to on-going online meetings. The site has 8 different chat rooms, 5 of which have meeting schedules and 3 of which are always open for open chat sessions. Chat meetings deal with addictions for alcohol, drugs, al-anon/codependen ...

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Stepper Stones

Stepper Stones "Stepper Stones is dedicated to honoring the Recovery Journey of all men and women who together make it One Day At A Time." "Stepper Stones are made of Virtual Gold, Silver, Bronze and Granite stone blocks. They are engraved with your Name, Recovery Da ...

Stepping Stone Ministry

Stepping Stone Ministry A ministry from Trinity Reformed Church in Rotterdam, New York. They have AA meetings, Al-Anon Meetings and a Men's Prayer & Medication Group. Hours are published on their website.

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Sunlight Of The Spirit Music

Sunlight Of The Spirit Music Advertised as the only music store on the planet offering music solely from artists in recovery. They also sponsor the Sober Cafe weekly podcast.


Support Systems Homes, Inc.


Support Systems Homes, Inc. Support Systems Homes, Inc™ is dedicated to providing alcohol and drug rehab programs of the highest quality for the most affordable rates throughout California and Nationwide, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, ...

Telephone1-800-811-1800 is an online support groups community that has over 200 Online Support Groups. Our goal is to bring people together around life's challenges by providing concise, up-to-date information and a meeting place for individuals, their friends ...

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Survivors of Incest Anonymous


Survivors of Incest Anonymous A resource to survivors of child sexual abuse that can be an aid in recovery. The only requirement for membership is that you are a victim of child sexual abuse, and you are not abusing any child. They define incest very broadly as a sexual experience by ...

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