Download Password Delay Software

Introduction has developed some simple software for delayed password output. It works like this.

  1. Open a command prompt (for Windows for now, Mac version will be coming later...)
  2. Start the program
  3. You will see an opening message and then another timer message every minute
  4. After 30 minutes, you should see a 15 character password

So what is this good for? A delayed password might be used in several different cases where it is helpful to have some time for "coming to your self" and avoid making rash decisions or taking rash actions when facing a temptation or an addictive trigger. For example, it could be used for the following situations.

  • Delay the password for web filtering on a computer
  • Delay the a password manager on your computer
  • Output the combination to a lockbox that has some key or credit card or other valuable in it (this would require customizing the source code with your combination, using the source code package below)

If you use your creativity and need a delay in some behavior, you may find all sorts of ways to use this simple software. Note that since this generator is publicly available, that it is safest to use it for your personal passwords and not for passwords to web sites or other publicly accessible venues.


Please read the accompanying readme.txt file embedded in the zip files below for instructions about how to install and run these programs. Note that Password 1 and Password 2 run in the same way, but produce different password strings.
Password 1 (Windows) - Download compressed (zip) file for delayed pw1.exe executable for Windows
(File size is approximately 4K)
Password 2 (Windows) - Download compressed (zip) file for delayed pw2.exe executable for Windows
(File size is approximately 4K)
Download compressed (zip) file with source code for delayed password software.
(File size is approximately 2K).
This is the one to use if you need to customize your delay time or the password output. It requires some basic programming skills in using the Qt Creator software.

Disclaimer: Since the output of this software is a fixed password, then if it becomes widely used it will also become widely known and could be used by hackers to login to your account. Therefore, this is best used only for privately accessed password, such as on your local computer.