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12 Step Question Import Files for LifeJournal

The free files on this page can be imported into the commercial software program LifeJournal v2.0 as "Prompts". These "Prompts" are essentially the questions from the 12 Step worksheets, but by importing them into LifeJournal, then you have full access to all of the capabilities of LifeJournal. These include a timeline for your recovery (or non-recovery) events, topics to categorize your journals and 12 step work, inspirational quotes, word processing features, a Daily Pulse that you can use to track how well you are doing on your program or other personal measurements, a secure login and many other features. We highly recommmend the LifeJournal software for the purpose of keeping your step work in a journal on your computer. More information is available at their website or at the bottom of this page.

The links for downloading are listed below. You can download these prompt imports by right clicking on an appropriate link below and then selecting "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." from the popup menu.

12 Step Questions (All Steps)
This is a file with questions/prompts for all of the steps (1-12).

Step 4 Questions for Childhood
This is a file with questions/prompts for step 4 questions that deal mostly with childhood issues.

Step 4 Questions for Adolescence
This is a file with questions/prompts for step 4 questions that deal mostly with issues from adolescence.

Step 4 Questions for Adulthood
This is a file with questions/prompts for step 4 questions that deal mostly with issues as an adult.

To import any of these question files into the LifeJournal v2.0 program, click on the "Prompts" graphic in the top toolbar, then File->Manage Prompts from the popup dialog, and then File->Import... from the second popup dialog.

About LifeJournal

LifeJournal is an easy to use and comprehensive journal keeping program that is designed for helping you get the most out of recording your life and learning about yourself. Password protected and encrypted for your security. Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, Vista.

  • Daily and Dream JournalEntries with standard word processing functions
  • Daily Pulse for tracking up to ten scales: subjectively rate your health and mood, and objectively count the hours that you sleep and the miles you walked.
  • Topics List to catalog entries, assigning topics to a passage or to an entire entry
  • Edit, customize, and organize topic list to reflect your own life
  • Assign topics to a passage or to an entire entry
  • Highlight sections of entries for later retrieval
  • Search by topic, word, date, or Daily Pulse
  • Life History timeline to build your autobiography
  • Full Help section with over 300 entries
  • Tutorial makes it easy to learn this intuitive, beautifully designed program
  • Timer for tracking time writing
  • Journaling Techniques and links to Journaling Resources help you learn more about keeping a journal
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