Resources about alcoholism and the abuse of alcohol

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A.A. History

Extensive history about the people and events involved in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Has many materials from Dick B's website at

A.A. Speaker Tapes

Archive of many audio recordings of A.A. speakers, including Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. These are all free to download and listen to. You can also rate the tapes.

Addiction Recovery Guide

The Addiction Recovery Guide assists individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find help that best suits their needs. From evaluation to residential treatment, we have selected a range of outstanding programs and resources. To seek online ...

Al-Anon and Alateen

The official site for the Al-Anon and Alateen programs "For over 50 years, Al-Anon (which includes Alateen for younger members) has been offering hope and help to families and friends of alcoholics. It is estimated that each alcoholic affects the lives ...

Alcoholics Anonymous

Official site of the Alcohlics Anonymous World Services Organization. This was the original 12 step recovery program that was started in the 1930s. The site contains the latest version of the Big Book, which was the original text for the 12 step program. ...

Alcoholics for Christ

1316 N Campbell Road, , , , 48067

Founded over 30 years ago in Livonia Michigan by long term sobriety members of AA, Alcoholics for Christ is a 12 step Christ centered recovery way of life. Whom the Son sets Free is Free indeed. John 8:36. AC has meetings operating nightly in dozens of st ...

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Alcoholism at has numerous resources about alcoholism, including topics like "Alcoholism 101", "Do You Have a Problem?", "Find Support Group Meetings", "How to Stop Alcohol and Drugs", and "12 Step Recovery".

American Council on Alcoholism

Web site for the American Council on Alcoholism, covering many aspects of alcoholism, including articles, tests and resources about alcoholism and a database of meeting locations and an 800 help hotline for alcoholism. "ACA is dedicated to educating t ...

Big Book Bunch

Background study and online questions about working through each of the 12 steps (plus step 0!), as well as essays on other topics in recovery.

Dick B's History of A.A. and Bible Roots

This is a very extensive site about the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and especially as it pertains to how it was influenced by the Bible and Christian movements and individuals.

eAA Group

The e (as in electronic or virtual) group of Alcoholics Anonymous. They have chat rooms, links, and many other resources related to A.A.

Grateful Alcoholic

Basic resources for A.A. meetings and recovering alcoholics, including the Lord's prayer, preamble for meetings, 12 traditions, how it works and so forth.

Institute of Alcohol Studies

"The core aim of the Institute is to serve the public interest on public policy issues linked to alcohol, by advocating for the use of scientific evidence in policy-making to reduce alcohol-related harm. The Institute does not have a view on whether indi ...

Online Intergroup of A.A.

Online meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). The Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous® was formed to serve all online AA® Groups in the rapidly growing online Fellowship. OIAA is composed of elected representatives of those online AA grou ...

Portal on Alcohol Addiction

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This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse.

Setting Captives Free

Takes a strong Christian approach to dealing with overcoming various addictive behaviors, from pornography and sexual addictions to food, gambling, nicotine/smoking, alcohol and substance abuse. Approach is based on taking a free online course over an ext ...

Several resources for recovery from Alcoholism, especially as regards the history of A.A. Dr. Silkworth was the medical doctor who wrote the Doctor's Opinion in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and so this site is in honor of him. The site has ...

The AA Blog

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"Although we are a relatively new site here at the AA Blog (, we are working hard everyday to bring our readers the latest in Alcoholics Anonymous news, updates on medications for alcoholism, the 12 steps of AA and much, much more." -From ...