Level 1

Patrick Carnes, one of the leading authorities on sexual addiction, has categorized sex addiction into three levels. At level 1 a person's lust has begun to exert its control. They are compulsively involved in such things as masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, or demeaning heterosexual relationships. Although it is difficult to categorize some web sites exactly according to this level, most of the web sites presented here probably best fit under a level 1 addiction.
Be Broken Ministries


Created to educate, support, and encourage those willing to seek help and recovery from sex addiction. Located in San Antonio, Texas.

Bethesda Workshops


A Christian ministry of the Woodmont Hills Church in Nashville, TN. As described on their website, this is their mission. The mission of Bethesda Workshops is to encourage sexual wholeness by ministering to those damaged by sexual abuse, sin, and addicti ...

Blazing Grace


A web site put together by mostly one person who overcame an addiction to pornography through the power of Christ. The Blazing Grace ministry is not just about heterosexual men; their wives need grace, hope and healing too. There are many women who str ...



This is a program for dealing with sexual addiction issues in the area of pornography, masturbation, fantasizing and so forth. It is based on scientific principles of how our brains function and uses behavioral techniques and community reinforcement to ch ...



Site contains articles, some book reviews, 2 tests and an FAQ about sexual addiction, especially as relates to online material.

EveryStudent section on Porn


EveryStudent.com is a Christian site geared towards college students and asking the questions of college life. This section explores the Christian perspective towards pornography.

Feed the Right Wolf


Free Help for Porn Addiction I used to think that watching porn was a harmless and healthy activity. My name is Alex and I am a recovering porn addict. I was raised in a regular home with two normal parents. Like many teenage boys I started watching ...

Mastering Life


"Mastering Life Ministries is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian ministry. It exists in order to target areas of life where people are caught and deceived into unhealthy, dysfunctional life-styles that separate them from the power and blessing o ...

New Life Habits


Site dealing with multiple aspects of addiction to pornography, masturbation and other aspects of level 1 sexual addiction. About porn addiction, it says the following. "Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Millions of p ...



Porn-free.org helps people discover the truth about pornography and "sexual" addictions. While sex is a wonderful, God-given gift, it can be abused like a drug for a variety of reasons. Today, many people find themselves captive to addictive cyc ...

Pure Life Ministries


Pure Life Ministries exists to serve Christian individuals and organizations dealing with sexual sin throughout the world by providing biblically based counseling, teaching materials and a public speaking ministry with the goal of leading Christians to vi ...

Setting Captives Free


Takes a strong Christian approach to dealing with overcoming various addictive behaviors, from pornography and sexual addictions to food, gambling, nicotine/smoking, alcohol and substance abuse. Approach is based on taking a free online course over an ext ...