Podcasts & Talks

Recordings of meetings, talks, podcasts or other spoken media about recovery from addiction
A.A. and Al-Anon CDs and Tapes


CDs and tapes of talks from Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings. Membership is offered where you can receive a tape or CD every month. Costs range from $5 to $60 for recordings.

A.A. Speaker Tapes


Archive of many audio recordings of A.A. speakers, including Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. These are all free to download and listen to. You can also rate the tapes.

AMOT Audio


AA Speaker Tapes are their specialty. AMOT Tapes is a commercial full service recording and high speed audio cassette and CD duplicating company dedicated to 12-step recovery programs and a complete selection of AA Speaker Tapes.

Blueprint Tapes


Blueprint Tapes offers on-site recording of audio events and quick duplicating onto CD. They also have an archive with thousands of A.A and Al-Anon speaker CD’s for purchase on-line.

Joe McC. and Charlie P. Audio Recordings


This is an extensive set of freely downloadable MP3 recordings of Joe McC and Charlie P.'s talks about the Big Book and the details of working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These were recorded in 1998 and are broken down into 32 minutes or less pe ...

Recovery 101 Radio


A blog and podcast put together, all about recovery. Based loosely on 12 step recovery programs. The format is less like a meeting and more like going to coffee afterwards. The "Meeting AFTER the Meeting", as it were.

Silkworth.net free downloads


MP3 recordings about the Big Book and talks from Fr. Martin, Fr. John Doe, Sister Ignatia Gavin, Anne P (Irish Annie), Sandy B, Bill Wilson (co-founder of A.A.), Lois Wilson, Clarence Snyder, Dr. Bob and also the video of My Name is Bill W and When Love I ...

Speaker Tapes at InTheRooms


Extensive library of recordings of speakers from recovery meetings. You can easily and freely listen to the talk online or download the recording as an MP3 file.

Video Speaker Tapes


Recordings of online video meetings from the InTheRooms.com website. You can view them online in a similar way that you view YouTube or other online videos.

X-A Speakers


As of Sept. 2009, over 2700 recorded talks from recovery meetings and about recovery. Covers most areas of addiction, including the following: Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Cocaine Anonymous Chemically Dependent Anonymous Debtors Anonymous Gamb ...