Magazines, eZines and other publications related to recovery
A.A. Grapevine

The original magazine publication dealing with the 12 step recovery program. It has been sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous through many decades and contains articles and audio files about recovery from alcoholism using the 12 step approach.  The site ...

Addiction Today

Online news publication having articles dealing with addiction and recovery. Sponsored by the addiction recovery foundation. Articles on Addiction

Articles and discussion about addictions with special sections on addictions to pornography, sex and love, tobacco and chemical substances (drugs)

It's All in the Journey

Print magazine about recovery. "The goal of It's All In The Journey is to show someone still suffering how we did it. To teach, inform, and entertain our brothers and sisters in recovery. To let family members and the general public know that treateme ...

Recovery Times

Online magazine about recovery. Extensive resources for personal stories, articles about recovery, book reviews and more.

The Impact of Alcoholics Anonymous on other substance abuse related Twelve Step programs

Academic article from the Center for Addictions and Recovery about A.A. and other 12 Step programs