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Daily Strength

Described as "the largest, most comprehensive health network of people sharing their advice, treatment experiences and support". The areas dealt with range from health issues like cancer and fibromyalgia to bipolar disorder, depression, miscarriages, alco ...

Debtors Anonymous

Home of Debtors Anonymous General Service Office. Our primary purpose is to stop debting one day at a time and to help other compulsive debtors to stop incurring unsecured debt. - From their web site

Depression Tribe

One of a series of "Tribe" social networks. This focuses on those dealing with major depression.

Detox Houston

"Detox Houston services are designed to safely detox and stabilize individuals from opiate pain medications, alcohol, or other substances, in a manner that prevents the discomfort of withdrawal, craving, or relapse, while not disrupting daily or family sc ...

Site focuses on addiction recovery. Owner recovered from 35 year heroin and alcohol addiction. Contains information, observations, cause and effect, principles, guides and how to articles. Included: audio, Video, Holistic resource and research directories ...

Dick B's History of A.A. and Bible Roots

This is a very extensive site about the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and especially as it pertains to how it was influenced by the Bible and Christian movements and individuals.

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Dick B.'s Personal A.A. History Blog Site

This Alcoholics Anonymous History site is the personal A.A. (AA) history blog site of Dick B., writer, historian, Retired attorney, and Bible student. It supplements his main site in that it contains ongoing research and history articles, pictures from hi ...

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Dr. Bob and A.A.

Devoted to information about Robert Holbrook Smith, M.D.--co-founder of A.A. Particular emphasis on the Christian heritage of Dr. Bob's youth in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. This was translated almost directly and many years later into the simple Christian Fel ...

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Dr. Irene's Verbal Abuse Site

This site is created, owned, operated, and funded by Dr. Irene Matiatos. This is the place for you if you think you may be in an abusive relationship or may be abusive yourself.

Drug Rehab Centers

Directory of rehab programs throughout the country

Drug Rehab Program Directory

Extensive listing of drug rehab centers in the United States and some international centers, broken down by state and city. Some have testimonials and there are also listings of other resources associated with rehab.

Drug Strategies

Directory site with 800 hotline number. Has directories for AA and NA meetings as well as treatment centers grouped by state. There are also links to many articles about addiction.

Dual Recovery Anonymous

P.O. Box 8107, , , , 66202

Dual Recovery Anonymous is a 12 Step self-help program that is based on the principals of the Twelve Steps and the experiences of men and women in recovery with a dual diagnosis. The DRA program helps us recover from both our chemical dependency and our ...

Telephone913/991-2703 (9-5 Central)
Dual Recovery Anonymous UK

Hinde Street, , , W1

The official Dual Recovery Anonymous website for the United Kingdom offers a wealth of information including: the 12 steps of DRA, the 12 traditions, frequently asked questions area for newcomers and professionals, meeting start-up packs, and a meetings d ...