Worksheets & Workbooks

Worksheets and workbooks for working a recovery program. These can be online or ones that you download to your desktop computer or books that you work through.
12 Step Work

Written by a very upbeat and candid sponsor in A.A., this website has areas about a spiritual backpack, step worksheets, good advice about working the program and some biographical information about the author.

4th Step Workshop

Information and worksheets on the 4th step

Addiction Treatment Online Guide

"This is an entire Treatment experience providing a solid Treatment Plan, downloadable Treatment Worksheets, providing 50 addiction recovery lectures on video, daily meditations, 12 Step meeting locator near you, online 12 Step meetings and more. This i ...

Journal Me Now

Commercial site that takes a Christian approach to working the 10th step through online journaling. The following is a quote from their website. Hi, my name is Kathy, My identity is in Jesus Christ And I have a whole list of bad Habits, and Character ...

RogerG's 12 step recovery home page

Very extensive set of resources for working the 12 Step program of A.A. These resources include worksheets, links to audio of people working the steps, summaries of the steps and other excellent links to resources on the web. It is not updated very often, ...

The Circle of Life

The Circle Of Life workbook a guide for recovery from alcoholism. In our workbook we discuss and work through the 12 Step recovery process.

The Jaywalker Site

Based on a parable in the Big Book about jay-walking, this site has many unique features based around Bill W and the Big Book, including an original 6 step program of A.A. in Bill W's handwriting, Twelve Traditions Checklist, Worksheets and so forth.