Grateful Drunk?

[Jan 12, 2008]

There is always those guys talking at the table about being a "Grateful Alcoholic". At first I really had a hard time with this concept. Wazzup with that - how the h*ll can I be grateful for having a disease that will kill me and makes my life miserable without it?

As time passed, I came to discover many things to be grateful for - all because I was first a drunk, then an alcoholic. If I had never drank, I would not be writing this, I wouldn't be the "me" I am now. So, just a short list of things I am grateful for today:

I didn't drink yesterday, and have no intention of drinking today.

For my relationship with God - something far better than I could ever dream.

For a wonderful woman that stood beside me - when it would have been easier to leave.

For all the friends (both physical and virtual) that have helped me and made me what I am today.

For the trials and tribulations of daily life that my Senior Partner uses to teach me how to live life on life's terms.

The chance to live another day in service to others.

The vacuum cleaner - otherwise it would be harder to clean the floors.

The fact that I can afford to pay my bills.

A country where I can be free to take responsibility for my actions.

Clumping cat litter - no explanation needed.

Since I am an alcoholic and just happen to be grateful today, I guess that makes me one of "those guys". Of late, when I feel a bit pissy about my lot in life, I drag out my list and stop and think - what if I didn't have any one of these?

Scary thought, ain't it?


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