Serenity Prayer

[Jan 13, 2008]
[Tags: Reflective]

I have been reading a book titled "The Serenity Prayer Book" by William V. Pietsch. I started for no other reason than the fact I am an anal-retentive engineer that has a bad habit of needing to understand everything I do.

This man has authored a fantastic history and breakdown on not only the prayer, but on the words themselves. It all applies to recovery and what it can do for us - on any occasion.

One example he brings forth struck me really hard. To paraphrase: "We as human beings eventually do things by rote". OK - how many times have I said the Serenity Prayer? Countless. By the time I am at the last sentence, how many times have I just muttered it along with others? Yep - countless. He points out that I have to WANT that acceptance, courage, and wisdom. I find that altogether too often I WANT the serenity, but forgot to WANT the things that will give it to me.

Bottom line on all this: On altogether too many occasions I have talked the talk with God, but not walked the walk. This is dangerous. Complacency can kill me too. Nuff said.


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