Truth, Justice and the AA way...

[Nov 11, 2008]

Hi All -

It's a new day, and I got a little time to play. So I decided to drag out the virtual crayons and digital paper and have a bit of fun.

I was thinking on heroes. You know, the ones I saw back when televisions were made from rock (my grandparents had one) and we had 3 TV stations if we were lucky. Sky King, Buck Rogers, Commander Cody. The Shadow, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and scary was Boris Karloff). No matter the scary part, as usual I digress yet again. We had radio heroes too, but nothing was like the boob tube.

Along with all the others, Superman was the stuff our heroes were made of. No matter the problem or how bad it seemed, they were there, taking out the bad guys and winning the day for "Truth, Justice and the American Way". He seemed to do these things with ease and aplomb. But why? Why did we come with these creations that did these good things with no thought to themselves? Yeah, sure the studios made money and it was an escape from our day-to-day humdrum little piece of reality. But what do we see in all these heroes we made?

OK, you say "what's the point in all this"? So lets twist this into a recovery theme. Responsibility. Every one of them made it their personal responsibility to make life better for others, with no thought for themselves. Strip away the tinsel, glamor and glitz and you find that same basic theme. One far more worthy of emulation than the fallible real life people that portrayed them.

As Al S. said back in 65:"I am responsible". No, I ain't Superman, not even Jimmy Olson. In fact, not even the phone booth used for the quick change into costume. But I can't help but see (finally) that at some point in this journey there comes a strong internal desire to be responsible. Not the pink cloud "save the world from itself" kind of desire (foolhardy at best, because the world has no desire to be saved), but to do what one can to ease the burdens of life for another. Those random acts of kindness. The kind word for another - even when you feel like crap yourself. Being of quiet service, without the oft short-lived recognition one craves when in the cups. This is the stuff real heroes are made of - and you gals and guys sure qualify for that.

Stop and reflect a moment - take a bit of pride in that moment of selfless help given another. But at the same time temper that pride with humble gratitude for those that helped you along your way. Mayhaps a moment of silence - for those who have passed on after their labors and those still working tirelessly for the aid of others, both in and out of the rooms of our fellowships and elsewhere.

And those of us living in the USA, please do not forget those in the service of our country - holding the lines, altogether too often at great unacknowledged personal sacrifice.

Thank you all for being a part of my life...

Nuff said,

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