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[Nov 19, 2008]

Hi all -

Too late for the crayons and paper, so I figure that maybe a connect the dots would be fun. I don't often do quotes, but as far as I know this is an original.

I was honored with hosting our Wandering Mens Stag meeting tonight. One of our subjects was acceptance of things obviously out of our control (death, taxes edicts from those in high positions, etc.), and how our reactions today differ from ours of yesterdays before. How without the program, most of us could never accept (without a drink or ten, and never gracefully) an edict or mandate of any kind.

I digress - one member - Mark, a gentleman with many, many years of sobriety said something that I'd never heard before and it struck me like a load of bricks. The perfect description for how I feel: "Sobriety does not feel altogether normal. But it does feel altogether right...". I'll leave you with that. Because it really does...

Nuff said,

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