Eye of the storm

[Nov 22, 2008]

A grand morning to all today -

I am safely ensconced in a good place today. Twas a bit iffy for a bit with the winds whipping around and the storm clouds everywhere, threatening life, limb and the pursuit of happiness. But the house of cards withstood the tempest and I am sitting quietly in the eye of the storm.

Gotta love the melodrama. But, yet again I digress.

Tis been a educational and absolutely stimulating week for this drunk at work, naturally spilling over to home and other aspects of my life. Several changes in the type of computer hardware we are allowed to use for transfer of information at work brought forth the most amazing reactions I've ever seen from the world of what we at the tables purport to be the "normal" people. Much gnashing of teeth, copious amounts of Chicken Littling and my friend Eeore was seen at every turn.

There's a saying along the lines of: "If you're not part of the solution, you're probably part of the problem" or some suchlike. This was never so apparent to me as I saw the various reactions from people (at all levels) to this edict from high. Everything from "Life as we know it is over" to "How dare they" and "I'll show them how hard it will be now" to "I'll just ignore it". That last one cost someone their job. (Which says to me if you want to say something really stupid, try it out alone in front of a mirror first and see how it fits first).

Thank God for you all and our fellowships, that oft passed over part of the twelfth step (practicing these principles in all my affairs) and the serenity prayer. Especially that part about accepting.

Before I came to be part of our little band of so-called maladjusted misfits, my reaction would have been much the same as theirs and far more extreme. Just add booze - and lots of it.

Not so this time. Acceptance and positive action were the watchwords of the day. My people and I got together, came up with workarounds and changes to our processes and were done with it. Life moved on. For us. Not so for others.

Sure, it won't be as convenient and easy as it once was, but guess what? Nobody ever said work (or life) was convenient. Or easy.

A thought (and an opinion, of course). Anybody out there looking to learn how to be normal, tis best to probably forget it. It's been far better for me to be part of the solution and live in the eye of the storm. And a heck of a lot more fun at the end of the day.

Take care, my friends...

Nuff said,

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