Online for the moment

[Dec 14, 2008]

Hi all,

I'm currently stopping overnight at Joplin, Mo for the night & appear to have a better connection than I did last night. Enough trivia.

I was online here for a bit last night and saw what God had left me. Praise be that there's no limit on the inbox. I apologize for not immediately answering everyone, but I was overwhelmed. I just sat there. Like am now - with tears in my eyes. Not sadness, but joy

Until this happened I never really realized how deeply each and every one of you have pervaded every atom of my being. I could feel the emotion in your words, like a physical force. Love, care and prayers in every blessed pixel.

I'll be getting back to everyone personally , but for now please accept my most heartfelt gratitude.

Anyone that has doubts what we do - read here, see my page. It works, it's real and you all are the reason it works for me. Bless you all, my friends...

Nuff said and Hugs,

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