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Step 6-A FAITH TEST 2 years 5 months ago #24

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Step 6/Twelve Steps

Each year I like to run through the 12 steps as written in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. These steps were an adaptation of many works before them, and are a universal truth for all people who want to enjoy good mental Hygiene and an abundant life. They have been adopted by some 150 self-help groups, and in the words of my favourite forensic psychologist, are the best basis for mental health around IF worked and lived.

I am not a step guru, and like to keep things as simple as possible. Step 6 reads:

Were entirely ready to have god remove all these defects of character.

On first blush, this appeared to be a no brainer. Upon reflection, there is more to this than at first appeared.

By this stage of the journey, I had found a higher power that I could feel and even trust some. I had not had a drink or used in a while, and I had no cravings to do so. This had started to happen when I decided to turn things over.

In having god remove all my defects of character, would this not make me perfect? And I always tongue in cheek remember what happened to the only perfect person I had read about.

Upon reflection, I realized that there were none of the defects that had been identified that I would mind having removed. I could well live without them. If it were my higher powers will for me, or if I could abdicate from self will, then that would be great. My trust level and faith were at a point I was ready. Nothing in the Step says that my higher power would wave a wand and poof, all defects would be gone. Having things entirely ready is a perfect ideal. From what I had witnessed, it likely would not come to be 100%, but if it did, I was ready.

I was one of the fortunate ones. I had no defects I would not be prepared to give up. Some I know have had things they swore they would NEVER give up. Funny, in hanging on to their will so desperately, they never seemed to get the life they truly wanted.

Readiness, in practical terms, has come in stages. As the journey progresses and my conscious contact with my higher power continues to deepen and evolve, I become ready for things to change in different ways. It truly is work in progress.

In step 6 I was asked to have faith, and be ready for change. A talk with myself in the old tool, the mirror, told me I was ready to have my higher power remove my character defects. My best efforts had at best, limited success. I was ready to change.

You cannot do this step without some rudimentary faith in a higher power.
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