12 Step Meeting Attendance Forms

A common requirement when someone is on probation is for them to go to 12 Step meetings and have written verification that meetings have been attended. After receiving several requests concerning this practice, we did a search and found several different possibilities for sign up sheets that were being used, for example, this one for Nevada:


or this one from New Mexico:


Based on what we found, we have created our own simple sign-up sheet as shown below. This has not been officially endorsed by any organization as far as we know, but then we do not know of any official form that has been endorsed. So you should check to see if this form is acceptable to the probationary officer or whoever will be checking on attendance to make sure that it meets their criteria. The RTF and DOC formats should be easily editable to conform to whatever requirements are necessary, and these should give you a good starting place, at the very least, for the required form.

You can download these worksheets by clicking your right mouse button, or the equivalent, on the appropriate link below and then selecting "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." from the popup menu.

12 Step Meeting Attendance Form

  • 12 Step Meeting attendance form in Word 1997-2003 format - Uses Microsoft Word 2000 format
  • 12 Step Meeting attendance form in Rich Text Format - The Rich Text Format (RTF) files can be opened using the WordPad application that is available under the "Accessories" menu of most versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • 12 Step Meeting attendance form in PDF Format - The PDF format can be open for reading from the freely available PDF reader from Adobe and can be written using Adobe's Acrobat writer.
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