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Journal for Recovery v2.0 (Windows)

The website in conjunction with Awake Software has developed the free Journal for Recovery desktop software for Windows and Mac OSX. It is designed to help you work a program of recovery from addictive behaviors and is pre-populated with a set of questions from our worksheets that helps you work a 12 step program for recovery. It should be useful for working any program where self reflection and personal feedback is a part of the recovery process.

The main features of the Journal for Recovery are summarized below.

  • Journal Writing - The Journal for Recovery features a Journal Explorer for organizing, filtering and reviewing your journal entries and a rich-text editor for editing your journals and metadata.
  • Prompts - The Prompt Explorer organizes the questions, quotes, book passages that you find inspiring and positive for your life. It is pre-populated with 12 step questions and recovery quotes and book passages.
  • Safely Share Stories - Exporting and importing of journals, prompts and templates uses an open format. Easily share journals with appropriate people or publicly share prompts and templates via the Journal for Recovery website.
  • Password Secured - Your journals are only visible after you log in. The initial passwords are blank, but you can easily modify the passwords so that your journals will remain private and secure.
  • Encrypted Data - All of the journals and prompts are protected with a strongly encrypted database that uses the same AES-256 bit encryption that is used by banks and government agencies.
  • Metadata - Metadata is used to classify, organize and filter your journals and prompts. Metadata includes categories for journals and prompts as well as journal and prompt types.

You can Download the Windows version of the Journal for Recovery (Final 2.0 Version), or the Mac OSX version of the Journal for Recovery (Version 2.0 Alpha3 for Mac OSX version 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 (Universal app).

For more features with an easy upgrade path, the journal upgrade commercial packages are also available from Awake Software.


The Journal for Recovery was created by Awake Software along with two other commercial journaling software products - the Journal for Faith and 1Journal. The Journal for Faith differs from 1Journal primarily in the content, with the Journal for Faith including scriptures primarily from the Judeo-Christian tradition and 1Journal including scriptures from all spiritual traditions. The 1Journal and Journal for Faith journaling programs are fully compatible with the Journal for Recovery (journals and prompts can easily be transferred between the two, including all meta-data), but also have additional capabilities that can be useful in various areas of your life, including recovery. Highlights of the differences in the Journal for Recovery and the upgrade journals are presented below, with a more complete comparison available at the Journal for Recovery website.

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